Lunfoot Business Services


New Employees

The steps you need to take when employing someone new to your company. We understand that this can seem like a complicated process for many business owners which is why we have created this page with all the information you need.


Including information about PAYE, wages and HMRC.

Accounts as a Sole Trader

Everything that you will need to know about looking after your accounts as a sole trader, from which records you need to keep to your expenses.


Being a sole trader means that you're obliged to follow certain rules and regulations, this page was created to try and give you an insight into your own accounts.

Accounts as a Partnership

What do you need to know about your accounts when you're in a partnership? From taxes to expenses you can find out the information you need. 


When you're in a partnership there are rules and regulations to follow as well as deadlines to meet. This page was created to give you the insight you need into your accounts.