Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping is a necessary but ultimately time-consuming task that you have to endure as a business owner. It can be a long process which may seem like a chore to you, however it is an integral part to business success and unfortunately a legal requirement. Time and organisation is something that Lunfoot can give back to you. Our experts can handle your businesses bookkeeping, so you don’t have the monthly chore with the deadline that keeps getting pushed back.

We can manage your whole bookkeeping service from our offices in Totnes, we don’t need to intrude on your office space and we don’t even need to make regular visits. This gives you back the flexibility and time that you need as a business owner. Once you have forwarded your records to us we can complete the whole process, mainly without you needing to be disturbed.

Processing invoices and expenses is extremely important for VAT or even just self-assessment purposes, but if you aren’t completely sure what you are doing it can go wrong or end up taking twice as long. We can relieve you of the stress, our experts have years of experience and are very knowledgeable in this field.

All your bookkeeping services such as processing accounts and VAT returns, getting profit and loss reports ready for your accountant and all expenses and invoices can be completed by us remotely. Keeping track of your finances won’t cause you sleepless nights when it’s in safe hands, we can give you updates on any unpaid invoices or changes in profit or loss. We work with your company to find the best solution for your books.

Getting in touch with us is sometimes the best way to decide what your business needs and what you want from a service. You can contact us using our contact form or on the other hand you can phone us on 033 33 55 44 97.