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After conducting our own market research we believe our prices will be the most competitive you will find​




Monthly Paid Employees


Up to 14 employees we charge a standard rate of £35 per month which includes payslips, P45s and P60s.


Over 15 employees the charge is £2.50 per payslip, P45 and P60. 


Weekly Paid Employees


£2.50 per payslip, P45 and P60. A minimum charge of £30 per month applies for employers with less than 3 employees.




Any extra service such as dealing with HMRC on the clients behalf is charged out at £50 per hour.




We will:


  • Enroll you into a compliant pension scheme – from £200.

  • Carry out the employee assessment and upload the information to the Pensions Provider - £10 per pay period.

  • Communicate with staff – charge equal to the price of a pay slip.

  • Process the payroll and provide all necessary reports - £2.50 per pay slip (minimum pay period fee applies).


If we don’t set up your pension scheme ourselves there will be a one off charge of £25 in the first pay period to cover the additional administration required.





Please call to discuss your requirements 



Please call to discuss your requirements.