Employee Payroll & Wages

There is a UK minimum wage that all employers need to abide by when setting the wage and salaries for their employees. This is in place to protect workers from being underpaid. As of April 2017, the current national minimum wage is as follows:

  • Apprentice = £3.50 per hour.

  • Under 18 years old = £4.05 per hour.

  • 18 – 20 years old = £5.60 per hour.

  • 21 – 24 years old = £7.05 per hour.

  • 25 years old and over = £7.50 per hour.

In order to process the payroll for your employees you need some basic information, this isn’t affected by how often you pay your employees. This information will help your payroll be processed quickly and efficiently. You will need to provide the following information:


  • The salary of the hours that the employee worked.

  • Any additions to their standard pay.

  • Any deductions from their standard pay.

  • Sick days in that period.

  • Holidays that were taken in that period – at Lunfoot we can keep a record of this for you.

  • Changes to the employees details e.g. their name or address.


All employees must be given payslips every time that they receive payment from your business. Here at Lunfoot we can produce your employee’s payslips and either email them or post them to you or directly to your employees. 

Employee Payroll
Employee Wages