Employee Contracts, HMRC and Pensions 

Employee Contracts

You must provide all new employees with a contract of employment, this is a legal requirement for every employer. Basic contracts will suffice and you can find great templates for these online to save your business time and money.


Currently, Lunfoot do not offer a contract writing service as part of any package as this is not our area of expertise. However, we do recognise the importance of this document and every company needs to ensure all employees have a contract of employment.


As an employer you will need to inform HMRC that you are making payments to your employees, HMRC want all this information in real time. This means that each time you make a payment to employees HMRC want an RTI return submitted.

The RTI return informs HMRC of how much each employee is getting paid and how much tax and NI is deducted, giving them an idea of the amount due for PAYE.

RTI returns may be rejected if they don’t have all the information needed. For information about the information you need to provide for each employee visit this page.

Employee Pensions

All employers must have an auto-enrolment pension scheme for employees to pay into.  As an employer, you will also pay into each pension scheme.

You will receive a staging date; this is the date on which you must have a pension scheme in place. Please see our pension page for more details.